Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

:Naked Without Us:

Naked Without Us

It's time again: Fashion, Music, and Models.

New amy.b. Spring 2011 collection

I'll be showing Friday night with some great music and designers. Including the very talented Kallie for Love,Simone. If you don't know about her adorable designs yet, you should check them out at Local Honey.

Finishing the concept of this collection and will be posting pictures and color stories soon.....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

:daily likings:

Day 3:

Today I missed Australia. Today the weather reminded me a little of Perth, Australian winter.

Check out these websites for some amazing people I had the privilege to meet.

Leon Krasenstein's amazing art gallery in Sydney, Australia who has featured these particular artists:

Friends of Leon Gallery

alexandra lekias

Pippa McManus

And a very very inspirational designer I had the opportunity to work with.

Aurelio Costarella

Friday, February 18, 2011

:daily likings:

Day 2:

Today being so amazing outside it was all about my bicycle: Patsy Cline Leggo: Named after Patsy herself and leggo for the color.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

:daily likings:

Day 1:

Coffee, wanting summer, and fun stockings. enjoy

What I want:

Where I want to be:

:What I love

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scribble Dabbles

This I don't really do. I don't stand up and announce "I'm a fashion illustrator!" cause I know I'm not. I wouldn't put my self in the category because the people who are blow me way out of the water. With that announcement I do enjoy drawing. I create pieces as more of an inspiration for myself. Its the first thought process before creating garments. Well, I decided to put what I call my little ladies up at my workplace - Jackson's Bar&Bistro - for the hell of it. Why not...


I've been on a little bit of a sabbatical. I moved apartments and survived the holidays. After the new year Ikind of needed a little break from my life. I have been buy though no lie. I decided to share a little mashup of what I have been up to. It kind of goes in this order:
Fall Collection - Photoshoot with Bradley Spitzer- sleep - Photoshoot with Michael Howard - sleep - move - holidays - new years - Unleashed Dog Show - wine - Fashion Sketches

I did create a fall collection. I did a very relaxed and fun photoshoot with some amazing people.

Photographer: Bradley Spitzer
Hair: Shana Michelle Taylor
Makeup:Eryk Datura
Model: Christina Crawford

Next I felt very Lucky to be apart of this Photoshoot with Michael Howard.
I used some of amyb clothing pieces as well as some items I had in my collection. I made all the jewelry from hardware parts and paint.
Bonus I got to work with what Michael calls the dream team Shana Michelle Taylor and Eyrk Datura with Hair n Makeup. We basically all crammed in a tiny major ghetto hotel in Inglewood.

It really looked from the outside we were shooting a porn. People and lights all surrounding a bed? hmm. Even though we did crack jokes about it all night, what came out of this shoot was pretty rewarding:

Next up was the Unleashed Dog Fashion show. Nashville Humane Association(NHA) and Yelp put on this great event! I made 2 dog outfits for the 1st time and got to see them strut their stuff. It was a really fun event. All proceeds went to the NHA.
Next up: Fashion Sketches, and then who knows...